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For me and my drag Wine Is My Valentine Heart Vintage shirt . I think camp is about exaggeration and artifice and the celebration of superficiality. A lot of my fans look up to me as a figure of femininity but that’s all artifice. That’s all fake and that’s campy within itself, and so that’s what resonates to me: the seriousness and the funniness and the artifice and the exaggeration. Look at something like the corset, which is what I’m known for: the exaggerated silhouette can be considered camp. My name itself is extremely campy. Violet Chachki literally translates to purple doodad.

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I’m also a performer, and in my most recent performance I come down on this phallic, rotating, giant rocketship, and it’s so campy, but of course I take it so seriously Wine Is My Valentine Heart Vintage shirt . This is my career, this is my life, this is my passion. And it’s so serious to me and I take drag and performing and my career super seriously, but what I’m actually doing is so inherently campy, and what I’m physically doing onstage is so campy. It really resonates with me, Susan Sontag’s essay, and I can see a lot of myself in a lot of these bullet points.On Taking Yourself SeriouslySomething else that resonated with me about Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” was this idea of being frivolous about the serious and serious about the frivolous. This is something so true in the drag community: we are the first to take something like the HIV/AIDS crisis and make light of it, to turn something so tragic and painful into humor, like Lady Bunny, but we are also the first to get wildly upset over something as meaningless and trivial as a rhinestone tiara title, like in The Queen (1968).Frank Ocean knows a thing or two about camp. For his birthday two years ago, the singer-songwriter hosted a ball, strutting down the runway in shimmering semi-sheer tights and an asymmetrical, skin-tight red shirt. On the Met Gala red carpet just a few moments ago, though, Ocean went for something much more casual; he showed up in a classic white dress shirt with a black tie, slimming slacks, and a Prada hoodie in lieu of a classic suit jacket.
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