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We are deeply awed by our Skull marnie semper fidelis shirt . space because it’s the only thing that has no end. As human beings, we try each day to find more about our Milky Way , about space and all its treasures. Looking beyond the confines of our tiny planet to understand distant planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole has remained a source of endless fascination for me.For this reason and many more, I searched for a t-shirt apparel that can inspire people. I found out that there’s this project for the space lovers named : Solitary. A brand based currently in Brisbane ,Australia that is designing apparel for space lovers.Michael , the leading graphic designer and illustrator at Solitary Brand started this business when he realized that there aren’t so many space items ( posters&clothes) available on the graphic market today.

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The project is still in progress, but you can choose from five t-shirts and five posters to boost your love for space Skull marnie semper fidelis shirt . Solitary has just begun, but with our help , it can soon become a well-known brand throughout the universe. Let’s see some of the space t-shirts offered by Solitary, if you want to contact Michel for further inquires please click here.You know you must obey the Power because they have the most delicious cookies in the world. Or you can just buy Star Wars Theme Super Cool t shirt #17 inspired by Shepard Fairey’s Obey featuring one of the most used characters in popular culture. This sleek design of Darth Vader brings back childhood fears and aspirations, rebranding one of the most famous and loved villains.Don’t forget to let us know if you like it and to come back tomorrow for the next cool t shirt of the day !While surfing the net I found some really cool duds. Of course, it all has to do with t-shirts and cool designs, because you know us, we are always trying to improve our skills, therefore, we have a lot of friends in this branch. Crazy Dog has a special touch when it comes to the t-shirt business. The thing about these guys is that their tees are funny and mostly simple graphics. You know what they say, there are a lot of complicated graphics running around here, but what is simpler is also nicer, at least this is my opinion on the matter. Maybe I like them because of their name. I am a huge animal lover and therefore, give yourself a name like that and you immediately turn me into your fan.
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