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Raveena’s videos are Pug Santa Ugly Merry Christmas Tree shirt . usually much more stylized. she says. but with “Mama,” she wanted to keep everything as natural as possible. There are sweet moments of Raveena dancing with her grandmother, who is wearing a more traditional pale pink sari, while Raveena is wearing a bright, tiered floral print dress. “You definitely see a lot of my everyday style in the video,” Raveena says, which is very much influenced by the relaxed silhouettes and psychedelic color palette of the ’70s. “I only wear colors. I don’t own anything black or blue or gray. I pretty much only wear pinks and yellows and oranges.”

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Though Raveena draws inspiration from designers like Collina Strada and Eckhaus Latta, she traces this love of color to her South Asian background Pug Santa Ugly Merry Christmas Tree shirt . “There’s just so much color in everything in India: the most gorgeous blues and pinks and yellows and every color of the rainbow that you could imagine,” she says.In other words, Raveena is wholly informed by her roots, as passed beautifully down by her mother and grandmother. “Especially because we were shooting in locations from when they first came over, everything you see in the video is real life, real moments. I was definitely very emotional during it. I felt connected to them in a new way,” she says.The age at which a model should begin their career remains one of fashion’s most controversial subjects. The continued push for regulation and more protective labor laws has somehow been at odds with what’s happening on the runway, where teenage stars such as 17-year-old Kaia Gerber are the norm. Today’s announcement that Kering, the luxury group behind Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga, among others, will only hire models over 18 to represent adults on its runway shows and photo shoots could change all of that. As one of the most powerful forces in the industry, Kering has the ability to enact change at a scale few can match, something its chairman and CEO, François-Henri Pinault, acknowledges. “As a global luxury group, we are conscious of the influence exerted on younger generations in particular by the images produced by our Houses,” he said in a statement. “We believe that we have a responsibility to put forward the best possible practices in the luxury sector and we hope to create a movement that will encourage others to follow suit.”
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