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Jack wjb it is what it is shirt . Rourke’s Oscars’ look is not polished nor is it overwhelmingly rule-breaking. While the I love this sleeves of his white shirt peeked out from the cuffs of his jacket, it feels deliberate. He’s a relaxed man basking in his success! But the details make this deviant outfit charming. The necklace holds particular significance, because, at the time, Loki had recently died. According to a 2009 article by Gothamist, jewelry designer Betina Wasserman of Queens, New York, had heard the news of the passing of Rourke’s dog and reached out to his publicist. Rourke himself got in touch, and Wasserman made him a custom necklace with a picture of the dog. In several instances on the Oscars red carpet, Rourke lovingly touches the necklace.

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There is a deeply tender side to Rourke and his dogs Jack wjb it is what it is shirt . The actor has said in interviews that the I love this dogs have “saved his life,” and for his acceptance speech at the 2009 Golden Globes, he thanked his pooches. In 2008, Rourke brought his late dog Loki to the Venice Film Festival red carpet, where Rourke wore a huge polka-dot tie and smoked a cigar. It’s a really sweet moment; that dog is as big as the actor’s cigar. His accessories were equally notable, including a pocket-watch chain that glimmered across Rourke’s chest and hung so low that it almost touched his knees, as well as a white leather belt, a hulking pinky ring, and a pair of sunglasses. His footwear came with a purpose: pointy and black. While there was a lot going on, the piece that truly made me swoon was a tiny necklace with a pendant that framed a portrait of his itty-bitty dog Loki. The whole look gave me steampunk with a bit of Scarface, and a whole lotta IDGAF. I love every last thread of it.
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2 reviews for Jack wjb it is what it is shirt

  1. Samantha Roslund

    I LOVE sarcastic tshirts, and this was the perfect one to add to my collection. This shirt runs true to size. I bought a size bigger thinking it would shrink when I washed it but it didn’t.

  2. Christopher Hoehn

    My wife hates these shirts because she thinks I’m going to offend someone. I like them because they’re comfortable and amusing. I don’t worry about other people’s sense of humor. I have a 1984 and a “If the government says you don’t need a gun…” TShirt. I’m looking at others, but, I have to hide them until I wear them. No confrontation and I get to wear them again.

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