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Where to start At this point Hockeysaurus Dinosaur shirt . you all know about this character, part of the X-men universe, a foul mouthed mercenary, bent on taking revenge and spreading violence on those who deserve it the most. In order to understand a bit about him we need to go back before he was a (sort of ) super hero. Wade Wilson is a former Special Forces operative, gets diagnosed with cancer and is convinced by the vicious experimental scientist Ajax to undergo a procedure, with the promise to cure Wade. Which you can guess leads to his transformation into Deadpool, after numerous tortures and disfigurement accompanied by the darkest, most twisted sense of humor. The best outcome from all this is his amazing self healing powers. Hence, Deadpool ripping guts and chopping heads over and over again.

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Hockeysaurus Dinosaur Classic Men's T-shirt
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Hockeysaurus Dinosaur Cloth Face Mask
Cloth Face Mask

Not your common type of super hero, because of his constant break of the fourth wall, which is what makes him such a fun character Hockeysaurus Dinosaur shirt . Aren’t you tired of the ridiculous seriousness of all comic book characters? It’s fun to have this asshole of Deadpool that pokes fun at both the superhero universe and himself. He is a sort of anti-hero but he definitely makes comic book movies fun again.Speaking of, the movie starring Ryan Reynolds was so successful for starring an unconventional protagonist but also because of the amazing marketing machine that broke the fourth wall of the Marvel universe, by offering Valentine’s Day advice, poop billboards and cheeky posters, to mention but a few.Which brings us to this top list of Deadpool graphics that you will love. They are pop culture gold. They combine famous characters from cartoon and tv shows with the iconic black-and-red suit, in different styles that our contributing designer on offer up for sale.Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments which designer nailed the features of this funny psychopath in their .
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