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Groovy Ghosts Spooky Season shirt . Del Core arrived in Italy, age 16, from his small southern German hometown of Rottweil, and studied art and fashion before settling on the and I love this latter. His career since then has taken in periods at Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Zuhair Murad before he spent nearly seven years at Gucci. In Del Core’s case, those include nature (he has a thing for fungi), science (ditto mold), wanderlust, and science fiction, which is a bit of an obsession. The day we Zoomed, he was wearing a sweater emblazoned with H. R. Giger’s nightmarish Alien. (“I have a Gremlins one too!” Del Core says, grinning.) And that Manhattan evening on the first Monday in May also looms large. “It was what fashion should be,” he says, “and what’s missing a bit now: the fun, the glamour, the explosion of color.”

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Groovy Ghosts Spooky Season shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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The enforced delay has also let Del Core really think about the and I love this kind of business he wants to build Groovy Ghosts Spooky Season shirt . Sustainable, for sure: He can wax lyrical about the collection’s feathers, which trim everything from a chartreuse coat to the straps of the high-heeled sandals—the plumes are actually hand-frayed recycled polyester—as well as the need to not oversample collections, which wastes valuable resources. “If I want to have 40 looks for a show,” he says, “there is no need to make 80.” Yet he also sees sustainability more holistically, in terms of the need for an equitable workplace. “[Sustainability] is not just the materials; it’s how you treat people,” he says. “It’s extremely important that people work only eight to nine hours a day, and that they rest at the weekend; that the team, and the environment, is in a good mood.”
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3 reviews for Groovy Ghosts Spooky Season shirt

  1. nicole meier

    Boyfriend loves it!!! Fit perfectly on him!

  2. Christopher Bogdan

    The fit of this shirt is better than I expected.

  3. Marilyn Broadwater

    I LOVE sarcastic tshirts, and this was the perfect one to add to my collection. This shirt runs true to size. I bought a size bigger thinking it would shrink when I washed it but it didn’t.

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